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Changing Your Password
Release History
Self Registration
Authorise new claimants
Self Registration Settings
Adding your vehicle with DVLA checks
Creating a new expense claim
Reconciling a card statement
Requesting an Advance
Entering your bank details
Authorising a claim
Add a new claimant
Add a new claim category
Add a mileage rate
Add a new workflow rule
Create a finance interface (make payments)
Create a new account
Claim Assistant - Odometer Readings
Personal mileage set up
Claim Assistant - Claim Overview
Claim Category - Purchased Expense
Claim Category - Mileage claim
Existing claim lines
Mileage claim - Adding Passengers
Mileage claim - Favourite Journies
Claim Assistant - Options
Claim Assistant - Adding Receipts
Claim Assistant - Additional People
Claim Category - Entertainment claim
Claim Assistant - Final Claim Details
Claim Assistant - Coding
Claim Assistant - Final Claim Details Mileage
Claim Assistant - Adding a Date
Claim Assistant - Category Select
Claim Assistant - Process Claim
Add / update coding
Editing returned claim lines
Claim Category - Daily allowance
Add an allowance claim type
Checking the data loaded into your MyExpenses site
New user requirements - adding vehicles and bank details
Creating a claim to check expense categories and mileage rates
Processing the claim to check manager authorisation and specific workflow rules
Generating a finance or BACS interface file for testing
Importing a business card statement for testing
MyExpenses setup checks
Website Terms of Use
Getting Started
Data Assets
Policy Builder
Company Settings
Data Audit
Users and Groups
Policy template sections
Policy template groups
Policy tag values
Published policies
Ticket events
i-Comply-GDPR - Terms of use
i-Comply-GDPR - Customer Care
i-Comply-GDPR - Data Protection
i-Comply-GDPR - Terms of Use
i-Comply-GDPR - Frequently Asked Questions
Ongoing Support - i-Comply-GDPR
Data Audit Tasks
T-00001 – What data do you hold?
T-00002 - how is data collected?
T-00003 - where is data stored?
T-000004 – What do you do with the data?
T-000005 – Retention and deletion
T-000006 – Data responsibilities and associated processes
T-000007 – Process and Technology for data processing
Legitimate Interest Assessment
Data Asset Details
Data Asset Requirements
Opening business mileage
TimeOff - Manager view
TimeOff - Company view
TimeOff - Personal view
Claim Category - Hourly Rate
Adding hourly rates
Version 126
Driver Licence Check - Driver
Driver Licence Check - Administrator
Fuel and Mileage
Invoice Entry
Invoice Authorisation
Finance Interface
Invoice Administration
Complete a timesheet
Authorise time activities
MyTime Administration